Patient Medical Records

Johns Hopkins institutions have put guidelines in place to protect your privacy. Patient records are confidential and are maintained by the Health Information Management Department. Patients or their representatives with legal medical power of attorney can authorize the release of confidential patient information.

Electronic Medical Record

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Enhanced Partnering For Your Care

Beginning March 25, 2021, Johns Hopkins Medicine will make more information available to patients through MyChart. MyChart is a secure website that provides medical information to you about your Johns Hopkins care and connects you to your health care team. MyChart is a secure portal protected by advanced encryption technology. Only you and your proxy will be able to access your account via a password. Most sections of MyChart are available in English and Spanish. Parts of clinical notes and the after visit summary may not be fully translated. Use of healthcare-approved interpreter is advised in situations where full translation is not available. Interpreter services are available at all JHM facilities.

MyChart will now have immediate access to the following:

Commonly Asked Questions

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances

Starting January 1, 2022, Maryland law requires all controlled substance prescriptions to be submitted electronically. Similar laws are already in place in Florida and Virginia. Controlled substances are medications that may be abused or cause addiction. This includes but is not limited to opioids, stimulants, some sedatives and anti-anxiety medications, anabolic steroids and some medications used to control seizures and/or nerve pain. Learn more about controlled substances.

Electronic prescribing allows healthcare practitioners to send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically instead of using printed prescriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Request a Copy of Your Medical Records

To request your medical records through MyChart, follow the instructions on this page. To request your records through the Health Information Management (HIM) Department, please follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

To request a copy of your medical records for yourself or to have your medical records sent to a third-party, download and complete the "Requests by Patient or Patient Representative for Copy of Health Information" form.

To get copies of medical records for someone other than yourself, download the applicable form:

The form must be completed by the patient or patient representative and clearly state the dates of service, the specific type of record(s) desired and all other information indicated on the form.

You can also get copies of these forms at the Johns Hopkins facility where you received care, or ask for the form to be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to you.

Please note: If you are under psychiatric care, your request will need to be reviewed by your psychiatrist or designee prior to release of your medical records. If your request is denied, a summary from your psychiatrist may be obtained by written request to the HIM Department.

Costs for Copies

In accordance with federal and state laws, processing fees and copying charges may apply:

  • If the record is being released directly to your private physician or another health care facility, there is no charge associated with copying your records.
  • For copies released to your or a third party upon your request or the request of your personal representative, a fee of $6.50 may apply for the portion of your medical record maintained electronically, and a fee of up to $0.12 per page plus a $0.90 flat labor fee may apply for the portion of your medical record maintained on paper or microfilm.
  • Third-Party Requests: Third parties may be charged a flat fee for retrieval in addition to fees associated with producing these records.
  • The costs may vary depending on the facility and are subject to change in accordance with the state and federal laws.
  • Johns Hopkins hospitals contract with CIOX Health to process certain record copy requests. If there is a charge for records, an invoice will be issued from CIOX Health or the hospital’s Health Information Management Department, including payment instructions.

Step 2: Submit the Form

Please select the facility where you received care to find information about how to submit your medical records request. If you are requesting medical records from a Johns Hopkins facility other than those listed below, please call the facility directly to learn where to submit your request.

How long does it take to get copies of my record?

Depending on the state, applicable law generally allows between 21 and 30 days to process requests for copies of medical records, but it typically doesn't take that long. Copy requests related to direct patient care, such as a scheduled doctor appointment, get priority. If you need records for an appointment, please provide the appointment date on the request.

We will fax medical records only to another health care provider or facility for continuing medical care, and only if the patient is in the health care provider's office. To have the records delivered beforehand, please request them to be mailed.

If you are picking up a copy of your record, you will need photo ID. Only the patient or patient representative may pick up a copy of the record, unless otherwise indicated in writing by the patient or patient representative.

Requesting Your Medical Record Information Through a Third-Party Application

You can now download your medical record information through a third-party application (app) of your choice by making a request for records through your selected app. Please note that while Johns Hopkins does not endorse or have an affiliation with any specific third-party app, there are several apps available to the public that already have permissions to connect to the Johns Hopkins electronic medical record system. Selecting one of these apps will make getting access to your medical record information quicker.  

Please note that regardless of the app you select to access your medical record information, Johns Hopkins has no responsibility for or control over the security or privacy of your information once the information has been shared with the app. Please be sure to review all the terms and conditions and privacy policy of your selected app prior to requesting your information be shared.  

Requesting Change to Your Medical Record

If you believe there is an error in your medical record, the first step should be to send a MyChart message to your provider explaining your concerns. If your provider agrees, they may edit the notes to correct the error. If your provider does not change the notes and you still feel that something is not correct, you may file a formal request to amend your record

To ask for an amendment, download the Request to Amend My Protected Health Information.. Once you have completed, signed, and dated the form, please email, fax or mail it using the contact information on the form. If you cannot download this form, please call 410-955-6043 and we will mail or fax a copy to you.

Privacy Practices

The Johns Hopkins institutions are committed to protecting your privacy. For details on how and when we share your medical information with others as permitted by law, please consult the Patient Privacy Notice. This notice is posted in accordance with the Joint Commission's requirements and may not be removed.


Birth and Death Certificates

Johns Hopkins hospitals do not provide birth certificates or death certificates. For certified copies of a birth, death or fetal death certificate, contact the vital records office in the state where the birth or death occurred:


Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Division of Vital Records
410-764-3038 (local) or 1-800-832-3277 (toll-free).

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Center for Health Statistics Vital Records Division (for births and deaths at Sibley Memorial Hospital)
825 North Capital Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
202-442-9303 or 202-442-5865

To obtain copies of birth certificates you must call or write to request a copy. The fee is $23. Make checks payable to the D.C. Treasury. If writing, you must include the child`s name, date of birth, mother`s maiden name and father`s name in your request. If picking up in person, you must present a picture ID.